Project Description

Institute of Horticulture – Kiev in Ukraine

New Research and Laboratory greenhouse facility for the Institute of Horticulture of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine. The project was started in cooperation with a local company. The greenhouse complex was designed with small research and testing zones, a laboratory and social work places etc.

3.840m2 Greenhouse, divided in 13 different zones and 2 corridors, with all kind of Technologies.

The project designed and supply started by AgrowTec late summer 2013. Due to the political crisis in Kiev, the Maidan revolution and lack of credit from the Government for the new project after the revolution, the greenhouse has never come ready and in operation. The project was delivered including a following installations, technologies and logistic equipment needed for such a modern greenhouse.

Project information

  • Venlo greenhouse type 8,00m trellisbeam

  • Horizontal screen installations

  • Rolling screen installations

  • Outside screen installations

  • Heating installation, complete with new gas boiler, condenser and CO2 installation, running in cooperation with coal boilers (Turkish).

  • Growing benches

  • Ebb- and flood water technical installations

  • Drip irrigation installations complete with fertilizer units

  • High pressure mist installation

  • Climate computer Hoogendoorn, together with Limit company from Kiev

  • Electrical installation, together with Limit company from Kiev

  • Approval and erection drawings and engineering according Japanese local Authorities demands

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