AgrowTec develops and constructs smart horticulture projects that render optimally. Sustainability and food safety are important issues as well.


For more than 15 years our organization has been specialized in the development and construction of horticultural projects that perform optimally for crops such as vegetables, ornamental plants and young plants. We make use of sustainable techniques protecting the environment, that do not affect food safety in a negative way.

We build glass- and foil covered greenhouses integrated with relevant greenhouse installations. Our team advises on the basis of its broad knowledge and years of experience. We guarantee that our advice leads to a maximum return on investement for the client.


Agrow engineering

Every successful and profitable horticulture project starts with a smart design and a focused application of technical components, constructions and systems.

Our technical team determines the technical aspects for each horticulture project and translates them into efficient production processes. Often we supply our own structures and installations, but sometimes clients prefer local suppliers. It makes no difference to us whether we supply all installations and systems ourselves, or whether they are produced by third parties, as long as quality and results are under control. That is our job.



Many parties are involved in the realization of a AgrowTec horticulture project, including the investor himself. Everyone involved has its tasks, but the structure for the cooperation is determined by us. We don’t take any chances and keep control from start to finish.

An efficient and cost-effective horticultural project requires a well-organized and professional project management. It starts at the very beginning, when the drawings and calculations are worked out. This forms the basis for further execution of the project and only ends when the customer is satisfied with the completed project.