For more than 15 years our organization has been specialized in the development and construction of horticultural projects that perform optimally for crops such as vegetables, ornamental plants and young plants. We make use of sustainable techniques protecting the environment, that do not affect food safety in a negative way. We build glass- and foil covered greenhouses integrated with relevant greenhouse installations. Our team advises on the basis of its broad knowledge and years of experience. We guarantee that our advice leads to a maximum return on investement for the client.

Turnkey Greenhouse Projects
Renovation projects

Turnkey greenhouse projects

Almost all of our horticulture projects are turnkey. Fully customized, anywhere in the world. Complete with screening, heating, climate control and other greenhouse installations that are needed to realize a successful horticulture project. Ready to go!
The following constructions and installations can be part of our turnkey horticultural projects:


We build different types of glass greenhouses, adjusted by us for each location and ready for an optimal integration with the various greenhouse installations. No greenhouse is the same, because the requirements for each cultivation and location can vary enormously per project. Based on our knowledge and experience, we design a greenhouse for an optimum return.

We design and produce our own foil greenhouses, making it very easy for us to implement customized adjustments, which contributes to a maximum crop yield and efficient work processes.

Foil greenhouses can be an economical alternative for glass greenhouses. For some crops in certain areas, they can be more suitable. Our team helps to make the right choice, for an optimal result.

The types of greenhouses that we use are:

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Venlo greenhouse
Venlo greenhouseGlass
Cabrio greenhouse
Cabrio greenhouse Glass and foil

Renovation projects

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