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Andre Funk
Andre FunkSales manager for Russian speaking countries and Sovjet republics
Jeroen van Leeuwen
Jeroen van LeeuwenSales manager Japan and Asia
Marck Sonneveld
Marck SonneveldCalculation/Sales Back Office
Jaco Karssemeijer
Jaco KarssemeijerController and financial issues
Gides Hoogervorst
Gides HoogervorstCalculation and sales support
Eric van der Klauw
Eric van der KlauwGeneral Director
Shahram Haidari
Shahram Haidari Sales manager for Middle-East region
Henry Yuqiao Huang
Henry Yuqiao HuangManaging partner & General manager China
Cole Ke Yang
Cole Ke YangTechnical manager China
Orifjon Khamidov
Orifjon KhamidovSales manager Uzbekistan


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