Project Description

Greenhouse Pro in Krasnodar – Russia

11,2 hectares turnkey Venlo greenhouse for growing of Cucumbers and Tomatoes, starting from seed growing Young Plants and then produce in high tech state of Art greenhouse, partly under grow lights.

  • 50.000 m2 Cucumbers
  • 50.000 m2 Tomatoes
  • 5.500 m2 Young Plant production
  • 5.700 m2 Service Area
  • 1.200 m2 Boiler room

The project was started from design by AgrowTec in 2014, build in from late summer 2016 – 2017 and in operation now for more than 1,5 years. The project was delivered including all installations, technologies and logistic equipment needed for such a modern greenhouse.

Project information

  • 11,2 hectares Venlo 8,00m trellisbeam greenhouse

  • Shading screen installation

  • Energy screen installation

  • Rolling walls

  • Heating installation, complete with boilers, condensers and CO2 installation

  • Buffertank installation

  • Drip irrigation installations complete with fertilizer units

  • Drain water recycling and sterilizing installation complete with UV-unit

  • Hydrofor water installation

  • Ebb- Flood water installation for Young Plant zone

  • Water storage tanks for well water, Osmose water, drain water and cleaned water

  • High pressure mist installation

  • Roof sprinkler installation

  • Climate computer iSii Hoogendoorn

  • Electrical installation, incl. assimilation light installation for part of greenhouse and Young Plant zone

  • Logistic equipment Berg Hortimotive

  • Cold storage facilities for Cucumbers and Tomatoes separate

  • Design for Service Area and offices

  • Approval and erection drawings and engineering according Russian local Authorities demands

  • Infra structure design for project and future extensions

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