Maximum return on investment

Our projects render optimally. This is partly because we offer our projects at competitive prices, possible because of our  efficient organization, but also because our applied horticultural knowledge forms the basis for a high crop yield. We pay attention to all details, resulting in considerable savings for the client.

Efficient energy and CO2 use

We prefer energy-efficient installations and we pay a lot of attention to the efficient use of CO2 when we are designing a horticulture project. The result is a considerably lower energy consumption in the winter period, less CO2 emissions and a better climate in the warm period. Cost-saving and better for the environment.

Minimal water use

Clear and fresh water for growing is no longer self-evident. We take that into account. The designs of our horticultural projects are aimed at minimizing water consumption, for example through the targeted use of water, collection and reuse. The water that is reused maintains an optimal quality and forms the basis for perfect cultivation.

Food safety

Safe food means that you can eat a product without getting sick from it. That is our guideline when designing a greenhouse project. We only use installations and systems that do not release harmful substances or can be a threat to healthy food in any other way. We feel that as our social responsibility.