Project Description

Tankove Crimea Ukraine

Renovation project, an existing greenhouse complex was renovated and updated by us. Investor wanted to achieve a higher yield without investing in new greenhouse and optimizing the existing installations. Operation is growing Tomatoes and Cucumbers.

60.000m2 Greenhouse, divided in 6 different growing zones, with all kind of Technologies.

The project designed and suuplied by AgrowTec in end of 2014, and finished by early spring 2015 and in operation now for more than 4 years. The project was delivered including a following installations, technologies and logistic equipment needed for such a modern greenhouse.

Project information

  • Heating installation, complete with new gas boiler, condensor and CO2 installation, running in cooperation with coal boilers (Turkish).

  • Buffertank installation for both boiler installations (gas and coal synchronyzed)

  • Drip irrigation installations complete with fertilizer units

  • High pressure mist installation

  • Climate computer Hoogendoorn, together with Limit company from Kiev

  • Electrical installation, together with Limit company from Kiev

  • Logistic equipment 2nd hand

  • Approval and erection drawings and engineering according Japanese local Authorities demands

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