Project Description

Rindlisbacher – Einigen in Switzerland

Turnkey Multispan 9,60m greenhouse with truss welded in Roof angle direction used for growing bedding plants and other flowering pot plants.

14.000m2 Greenhouse and Service Area, divided in 2 different growing zones, with several Technologies.

The project has been built in several phases, started from design by AgrowTec in 2008, build from then on and in operation now for more than 10 years. The project was delivered including a following installations, technologies and logistic equipment needed for such a modern greenhouse.

Project information

  • 1,4 hectares double plastic covered Multispan 9,60m trellisbeam greenhouse

  • Shading screen installation

  • Heating installation, complete with boiler, condensor.

  • Design for Service Area and offices

  • Approval and erection drawings and engineering according Swiss local Authorities demands

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