Project Description

Darfruits – Krasnodar in Russia

5 hectares turnkey Venlo greenhouse for growing of Cucumbers in high tech state of Art greenhouse, partly under grow lights. Investor already operates 5 hectares of plastic covered greenhouse in basic style and wants to achieve a higher level of yield in the new complex.

  • 50.000m2 for cucumbers only

The project was started from design by AgrowTec in 2018, erection started in from late summer 2018 and still proceeding. The project was delivered including screening and heating installations, all other technologies are still to be decided, customer is waiting for its financing.

Project information

  • 5 hectares Venlo 8,00m trellisbeam greenhouse

  • Shading screen installation

  • Rolling walls

  • Heating installation
  • Approval and erection drawings and engineering according Russian local Authorities demands

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