Project Description

Avalon Hengtong – Xi-Fupin China

Design and engineering contract for development of a 80 hectare greenhouse complex with all kinds of crops. The investor wanted to have a full design and full engineering for a High State of Art greenhouse complex in which a combination of Tomatoes and Young Plants were grown, including all logistic facilities. Our task was to design and engineer the complex according Russian building norms, based on local climate and site circumstances.

800.000m2 (80hectares) Greenhouse, divided in different growing zones, with all kind of Technologies including hydroponic for lettuce. The first stage which was finished had 25 hectares of surface

The project designed and engineered by AgrowTec from late summer 2018 till early 2019. Erection of the project has started, but while some issues on the land property are unclear and financing by Chinese state is also not 100% guaranteed, the project is running slow. Most of the materials and works will supplied and carried out by our Chinese partners, we will stay along during realization of the project for coordination and supply of key-components from the Netherlands.

Project information

  • Venlo greenhouse 8,00m trellisbeam

  • Insect netting

  • Energy screen installation

  • Shading screen installation

  • Rolling energy screens for the walls

  • Heating installation, complete with boilers, condensers and CO2 installation.

  • Buffertank installation for boiler installation

  • Drip irrigation installations complete with fertilizer units

  • High pressure mist installation

  • Climate computer

  • Electrical installation

  • Assimilation light installation for YP zone

  • Logistic equipment

  • Logistic building complete design

  • Grading and packing installations

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